How We Work

At Cognitiviti, we know that the key measure of the success of deep learning is whether or not it can deliver value to your business.

Rather than operating under a typical “technical consultant” or “contract engineering” model with hourly or daily rates, we take a pragmatic and flexible approach to commercial arrangements. These can include:

  • Research assistant/associate type arrangements within academic research contexts (eg funded grants or grant applications)
  • Hybrid fee models which compensate for base effort but specifically reward success
  • Acting as an independent reviewer or external quality assurance function (‘fresh eyes’)
  • Arrangements for co-authorship on academic/industry publications, or branding/acknowledgements
  • Intellectual property licensing and sharing
  • Vendor adoption incentive and marketing programs for software, hardware and services
  • Targeted sponsorship for work on open source deep learning projects

We’re comfortable working alongside internal data science teams, or acting as an outsourced delivery function, or providing advice and support to line of business managers.

Get in touch to talk about how we can help you do deep learning – better.